Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Girl

Hello, my name is @^#%&*, and im an addict. You may ask "just what are you addicted to?" well, the list is long, and for the most part not harmful. No, it's not drugs, but it does feel like the best drug iv'e ever tried. The reality is, I love women!! And boy do I ever...
Hmm, where to start...if you have been reading for a while, you know I am a single guy who is trying his chance at finding Mrs. right. My dating experiences have been mostly internet related recently. I have had some amazing dates, as well as a crapload of funny stories. Ever since August, I have had my dose of bad luck. I thought it would never end, but after waking up with a flat tire, and the door handle pulling off my front door as I closed it, I switched my tune. I then asked myself "Really??? is that all you got?" I from that day forward told myself "I would like to see what worse can happen!" and for some strange reason, my luck changed. I accepted I couldn't change what has happened, and to stress about what might happen, filled my days with madness and anger. I now walk around with a smile and laugh when things don't go my way.
Well, lets get to some juicy stuff... I have somehow been blessed, and recently more than normal. I met someone much younger than me and have gone out many times. She is very intelligent, classy, funny, and not to mention, beautiful! and to top that, she wants me!! At first I was very excited someone years younger had an interest in me, but the Virgo in me, makes me an overthinker. Is she after money? why someone my age? would it last, or just fun? and so on.. I often talk myself out of things before it begins. I have been out with her numerous times and I somehow seem to always have a new question in my head. I know if somethings right, it's right. But how do people look at me? do they think I am too old for her?and much more. Many guys would love to date someone younger and might say "HELL YEA!! a chick that young? Mmmm hmmm!!" but im not too sure how to feel about the situation. It just feels great, and at times, makes me feel like age dosn't matter.
As I am on these dating sites, I receive numerous emails and if I wanted to be a player, it would be simple. I just want one!! but is it wrong having tons of fun on the road to forever? So normally I am honest and tell everyone I meet that I am just dating until something clicks. Well, I just happen to open an email that sounded just like me (but the female version). I had to take a peek at her pics....WOW!!! I had to take a double-take. I don't know about you, but for me, I know when I like someone. To add to that, we had a 3 hour conversation on our first talk. Amazing!! I knew to not get my hopes up (as I always do), but figured lets give this one a try. We met, had drinks, and talked til 6 am. I then got invited to Thanksgiving dinner, I declined, but WOW!! I would run if any other girl wanted this, but I knew it was "RIGHT"!! We ave spoken every day ever since, and have everything in common. Now, I am not one into horoscope signs, but we happen to both be Virgos so im guessing we have tons in common. We have another date planned for tomorrow, so wish me luck. Ok here's where things get tricky.....Ok so there's the "young one", the "possible love interest", but now there's another. The very next day after my date, I got a few new emails and had no interest in meeting anyone else...but hey, im single and what's a few drinks? you never know, maybe "mrs. love interest" may not work out. So I write back and forth with, let's call her "the neighbor" and the main reason I returned the email was because she lived so close. Our conversations have gotten deeper and we are thinking of meeting this weekend. The honesty is if "mrs.love interest" takes a step forward, I would give up everything!! I would delete all dating sites, and move forward... Call me crazy, but when something feels right, it just does!! I am somewhat scared to say what im thinking most of the time with her, but if she gives more signs, prepare for a very happy man. I have been all smiles and have too many reasons to do it... But all I want is that one that I can call my girl.
The Man

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