Monday, November 29, 2010

Frequent Biter

Oh my goodness! Okay I've officially had it with men. I don't really care for women either even with the additional wardrobe.
I already know I am going to be written up for once again exposing a personal conversation, but seriously I'm so frustrated now I must vent on here. It all started innocently enough a few days ago with a short conversation much to be about nothing. But, with one candid remark we were in a boxing match. What should have been a fifteen minute disagreement is going into it's fifth day of fighting.
I honestly don't even know what we are agruing about anymore. A part of me fears that if I keep pushing and throwing him in the gutter he may not get up. This is not the outcome I want, but I don't see a truce happening anytime soon.
Maybe he was right from the start. I had cursed our chances at sweet success. That one day he too will vanish with the click of a button.

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