Sunday, November 21, 2010

Broken Fortune Cookie

I'm seriously confused and frustrated by men. You would think by now I should at least have a clue about the inner workings on the male mind, but each word out of any guy's mouth is still an impossible puzzle. It doesn't help when your main form of conversation is emailing, which at times is even more annoying.
It's not right to go from an open line of communication to a few three word answers that actually skip over the question and detour into a completely different topic. I even said I had enough. That I can't do long distance and that I can't just up and move to a different state let along a different country. I was bluffing. I would if I could, if it felt right. But, it doesn't. It feels forced. Like I have no choice. Neither opinion is all that appealing anymore. I want everything I can't have and nothing else.
So before we invest more time and money into a relationship that very well may not last we must be on the same page. I'm not looking for another father figure or nanny. If you don't understand me and my words that's fine, but I'm not going to pull out the thesaurus every time there is a word or phrase you think means one thing when in fact I'm using it in a very different context.
I want the truth even if it hurts. I don't need love, if I stumble upon it that's great, but I was doing just fine on my own. Sometimes I speak before I think, but at least I'm up front with my inner thoughts. Maybe now you should be the one letting your guard down and being frank with me.

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