Thursday, November 4, 2010

WWF of Dating

The dating world has it's share of up's & downs... most of my dates just want to go up & down, without any commitments...Normally this would be fine, but it gets old! I am not saying it dosn't fill the time, but there are days when I look at families at the park, or walking down the street and wish I had what they have. Some of you guys reading may think I am full of crap, but the truth is it is very hard & expensive to date multiple people. I would imagine any single, decent-looking guy, who takes care of himself, could or does the same as me. In the recent months I have been on countless dates with most not being relationship material. When I say not "relationship material" it may be on their part as well. I am at a age where most people have been married, have kids, or recently divorced and playing the field. The newest thing is the "cougars"..Whoa! they are on the prowl, and think I can be converted into a cub... It's fun, but that's all. If you look at how many people read this blog, it shows most people have been hurt in the past, and don't want to feel that way again. Well, Hell!! we have all been hurt or affected by someone, whether good or bad, so don't shut may lose that special one who makes the difference.
I recently wrote about the masseuse who I had been asking out. We went out once and she avoids my questions on going out again. I knew something was fishy from the second she asked if I could bring her some food the other day, but was overcome by the "what if" factor. Again I get a text last night (it has been a daily thing), but this time even more interesting. It says "I am so sore. I just got out of the gym. I need a massage". Mmmmm, my mind racing....I felt this was my turn to get a closer look,. I responded "ohhhh, really..I am not cheap" Her: "would you do one for me?" At this point I was getting a little excited. She was "off limits" from the moment I met her, but I also went out with her, had a kiss, and now talking daily. Somehow I knew the mind games were about to start. Her: " well ?" I responded " sure. when?" Then it turns on me "we can go to my work, but you will need to pay for the room" $#%#$%#@!@#$!#$ !!!!! I KNEW IT...I WAS GETTING PLAYED. I read the signs early on and always had it in the back of my head. So here's what I did... "ok but I need one as well" (I was just another customer from the start) I went there payed, got my massage, gave hers and said thanks. On my way out the door, I made another appointment with her coworker and returned directly in the room. ( I knew she despised her. She had told me earlier she gives "happy endings") Nothing happened during the massage besides my battery almost going dead from her jealousy. Hahahaa... I guess she didn't like the fact I wasn't her "customer". No one owns me, and if you play mind games...mind-games you shall receive. In reality, the one who cares the least, wins. I think I won this battle.
I have said all that to say this: As you know we all write most of our intimate secrets on this blog. If you have not read from the first post I recommend it. I was thinking the other day, as we added a photo of ourselves, a crazy idea popped into my head. What if I were willing to meet one of the readers for a date? Would someone really be interested in meeting me? My deepest secrets were revealed on here. I havn't even told my friends half of the things I've done. But then realized if they met me, they would know more about me than even my closest friends. This, I believe, would be half of the battle. Any takers?
The Man

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