Thursday, November 11, 2010


Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. True friends will never laugh behind your back, bash what you believe in or scream matter of fact statements that while amusing are so far from the truth. True friends will stick by your side and listen to your words. They will respect your passion and even if they don't understand they will unconditionally support you. True friends will be married to you for life. They won't divorce you or cheat on you.
It's unfortunately that once again because of a lack of knowledge and a bitter shoulder since life just hasn't gone as you hoped that certain so called anonymous people whom I thought were my friends are attempting to take apart and belittle the new joy in my life.
Funny how when I first started writing you thought it was a great idea and had my back. Supporting me thru the good and bad times, but now that I'm past the pain and directing my passion in a new direction you don't like the fact that I'm popular and happy again.
But, who are you to judge me. You are far from perfect yourself. So continue to talk behind my back. It will get you nowhere. I will continue to write, continue to follow my heart, continue to expose my intimate thoughts on here. But, you will never understand my words. Read with caution, tell me my fortune (as you seem to know more about my future than I do) and maybe one day we will be friends again.

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