Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hope You're Well Six Feet Under

Death washes the slate clean and those left behind flourish in the wake of pain. Words have the power to make us happy and painfully sad. Words can cause the best of friends to become the worst of enemies. There are people we can't live without, but have to let go. Actions without thought can be equally damaging. Strangers judging who you are just from the words you write or your race and sexual preference.
Hiding behind their anonymous screen name or in the comfort of their home thousands of miles away. If only these cowardly lions had the guts to face their fears and accept fault in the aftermath of their words.
Instead they cross their fingers and hope that the rant and public bashing will inflict pain. The truth is it just throws more fuel into the fire. Maybe they have forgotten my name and lost interest in this blog. Looking back now I'm just as confused as I was one year ago. More so now given the bizarre backlash and unproductive shit storm of words thrown my way back in June. If it was so innocent a mistake why be so defensive? Why not simply answer the one and only question on day one? Why let a friendship so down in flames without even knowing why it was lit on fire to begin with? These are basic questions. I could go on all day about the mystery that continues to surround the death of M.
Turns out men are no different than women. They just have a better poker face and a bigger ego. Most men however are emotionless and insecure. The heart of a man can be felt with the click of a button. Whether it be kind words or the most cowardly and cold douche bag ones. I've learned a lot about myself this past year and how I'm a lot stronger then I ever thought. M and company might be playing house, never thinking they ever did anything wrong. That they are the innocent party in my public bashing. Just as my feelings were never considered when I was deleted without a thought or care or answer, M and company's feelings will ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY never be in my thoughts. Karma is a bitch. Now remember kids do onto others as you would like to treated. If you leave a question unanswered it doesn't always disappear. Sometimes the ultimate techno party lives on in an international viral world and what was once a private conversation between a trio will forever be available for the world to read and discuss.
Hope you're well M. Hangman game #2 (Let's spell M's name. I've taken the liberty of filling in the first letter.) M ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___.
14,000 Love Bites groupies and counting. Hells yea!! Have a fabulous day y'all and remember don't talk to strangers.

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