Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where Do We Go From Here?

Yes the fun is in the chase, it is a bit of a game. Like the game of hide-and-seek you played as a kid, you find your playmate, you guys giggle and laugh, and then its her turn to seek you. As we transition into Autumn and gather our nuts for Winter, I truly wonder if this game of hide-and-seek will soon get old? What will be the next game, will there even be another game? Will we frolic in the foliage of Fall, hibernate for the Winter and be revitalized in the Spring in anticipation of Summer? Or should we retire to somewhere, maybe in paradise where there is always Summer. That junction in the road is fast approaching, I can see the stop sign in the distance. Soon it will be time to make that decision, we've come this far, where will we go from here?

Devils Advocate (Sorry ladies I just can't do the McDreamy name)

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