Friday, September 10, 2010

I Know Everyone Has A Story...Here Is Mine

One of our super fabulous Love Bites groupies sent us an email this morning with her personal story of love gone badly and the serendipitous new life path that occurred as a result. Just when you thought you had heard all the stories about the JSRs (Jackass Sewer Rat) of the world another winner gets added to the Love Bites wall of shame. Hopefully this will inspire The Man and McDreamy to start writing again. Since we are once again bashing their sex.

So here goes…

I have no doubt you have received a million emails similar to this but I just felt I had to write this.I accidently stumbled across your blog about a week ago and when I read the first entry I had to continue. Yes like so many others out there I identified with your stories.
On June 20th my “ghost” turned to me and told me our marriage was over. That marriage is just not for him and that I had a week to move out before he changed the locks. We had only been married for eight months. He had cried saying the wedding vows. Every guest said it was the best wedding they will ever attend and have been absolutely floored to here we are separated.
Like you I was blindsided. He refused counseling. Refused to sit down, go through the issues and come up with solutions. The thing is that he didn’t even tell me what the issues were. I got half assed comments like the time I woke up grumpy three years ago or used his daughter as an excuse. Yes we did have a blow up regarding her but nothing to end a marriage over. Nothing that he threw at me made sense. He ignored me from that moment on. Began burning photos and disrespecting me via text, email and facebook (yes I did look at his emails and texts. I was looking for an explanation, but didn’t find it) He didn’t tell his brother (I had to do that when I received a phone call from him) and I believe his parents still do not know.
So I left my job of nine and a half years. Packed what little I could from the house and moved to the Gold Coast (Oh. I'm in Australia by the way).I moved in with one of my best friends and her brother, which was probably the best place I could have gone. The laughter is non stop in their house. It stopped me from curling up in a ball in the corner.
The initial period I was miserable. The brother made the comment last week that he was glad when I stopped crying every other night. It wasn’t all too long ago but I feel happy these days. The man that I married doesn’t exist anymore. In his place is a childish, vindictive, disrespectful bitch. He is ten years older than me so a number of people have concluded that he is having a mid life crisis. So I’m sure there will be a time in the future when he looks back and regrets what he has done.
But for me, I have left the country towns behind and moved to the city. I have stepped up into the type of job I always wanted. Supervising Accountant with ocean views from my desk. :) Even though I found happiness again before I started reading your blog I feel reading it is an affirmation that I am doing great and with my positive attitude it will only get better.
Last weekend my Dad asked me about how I was. My answer was that I was great. I am over him. I am over it. I have a new life now. The only shitty thing is that I don’t have an explanation and probably never will get one. So in a way that is his game. To never give me closer. But that won’t stop me from living my life. Oh no… Try and stop me… ha ha
Now let me focus on you guys. I think it is brave what you have created here. You got burned and have found a way to deal with it and it seems to work for you. You are putting your thoughts, feelings, well yourselves out there in the public arena. And yes, you are being judged for it. See even me. I have judged you as being brave. But as you have stated before. It is your blog. If people don’t like what you are writing don’t read it. Simple.
Now that I have read through the backlog of posts I look forward to seeing the new updates. Sometimes dark. Sometimes amusing. And I definitely like the views and contributions from The Man and McDreamy (sorry I’m with the girls. McDreamy stays)

Pens down.
Cheers & Beers,
Aussie Gal

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