Friday, September 24, 2010

I Think I'm In Love

Had a bit of a writer's block of late and was going to cheat and repost an entry from back in the heyday of the bashing of JSR (aka MF - the cowardly, douche bag lion) but after rereading the first couple blogs from the beginning of June I once again was pissed off.
For those of you who just stumbled upon our blog, welcome and for the loyal followers who have been with us from the start thanks again for the love. We hope we haven't confused you too much with the numerous name changes and at times cryptic language. I highly recommend reading thru the Love Bites archives in order to get our full back-story and understand where we were emotionally back in the spring and just how far we have come.
April and May were definitely the darkest months of writing; June and July were more lighthearted and sarcastic. Before we removed the comment feature we had a lovely conversation with JSR and Mrs. JSR, which is available to read in the June blogs. Some of my favorites from June are The Day After Tomorrow, Lion's Den, The Great Debate and Fun Girl Tell All. Of course all the entries are brilliant and thought provoking.
As a refresher course for our new groupies here's the deal. There are at time five people writing on Love Bites. Three fabulous ladies; Kate (formerly MV), Summer aka SP and the newest Aussie Gal. The men are McDreamy aka Mark and Devils Advocate, he is Summer's boyfriend and The Man, a thirty something bachelor with a brutally honest and wicked funny take on life and love. From time to time we reference the names JSR (Jackass Sewer Rat) and M or MF (the mascot for all JSRs and Kate's one time friend and fun guy). Andy is Summer's ex; John is Kate's ex.
We removed the comment feature awhile back but we would still love to hear from you. Please note thou that we reserve the right to publicly bash you if your words are out of line. We are still in disbelief over how many Love Bites fans we have now and how many more continue to find us.
Thanks again for the love and support.

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