Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dr. Phil

Continuing with last nights story from one of our readers aka Aussie gal who had asked The Man for his opinion on her short-lived marriage and cowardly jackass soon to be ex-husband. Here is an excerpt from their conversation.

The Man:
I have a crazy theory. To end things so rapidly with that type of anger shows pain on his side. Example: Ever heard of a murder being shot once or twice? That's to get the job done but little contact and not so personal. How about stabbing someone twenty five times? Or smashing with a hammer, that’s personal. To be that spiteful to want to change locks and kick someone out is nuts. But I need to know if he wanted more kids? And if so did you too?

Aussie Gal:
To give The Man a bit more info. I am thirty-two he is forty-two. He actually has two daughters to different mothers. One lives out West and I have a pretty good relationship with her, although it is via text, email or facebook. She is about to turn eighteen and has asked me to come out for her graduation and 18th birthday at the end of the year. The other daughter lived in the same town and is fourteen. She would stay with us at least one night a week and we would take her and a friend for weekends away. Unfortunately she receives no discipline from either parent and has a nasty reputation in the area. I have found this out since I left. I don't have any children of my own. He has had the snip and didn't want any more children. I made the sacrifice to never have children to be with him. I accepted pretty much everything about him and his life. Might I also add that he is self employed (never worked for someone else) and has been drumming in bands for about the last twenty-five years.

The Man:
That is weird, after the other information, it seems he had what most men want at that age. (Younger woman, playing in a band, and a new start on life). But somehow something is missing. Somewhere along the lines he wasn't happy, but the sudden change is weird. There had to be something that just turned him off. Example: when you are young you get into relationships not caring what jobs, finances, or lifestyles someone has. But as we age we take all that into perspective. We know if they haven't bettered themselves by now, they probably won't. It may have been the lust factor of the younger woman at first, but realized not too much in common after that wears off. But somehow I think he was jealous/hurt about something to be that spiteful. It just seems to me that something had to happen to trigger this reaction... or better yet not happen. Could there be someone else? Maybe but ending a relationship so shortly tells me differently. I think it would not have gotten to the point of acting so angry wanting to change the locks and so on. I think if he were cheating with such a short marriage time, he would just cheat and hope to not get caught not end something so quickly like he did.
Men want the best of both worlds.... why not have two until you get caught? Hell, if he wanted to end it with you anyways.... so I don’t think he was cheating. Unless (now this is my twisted head) he was secretly gay and has been hiding it forever. It just seems there was something that triggered his crazy, angry reaction. I understand if he wanted to end things...but why do it the way he did? Anger, hurt and resentment are those reasons. And maybe something he was hiding forever. I wish I could be of more help but it seems something is missing.

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