Friday, September 24, 2010

Summer Is Forever

It was by chance that we met. Maybe we were two lonely hearts reaching out for some comfort. Whatever is was, it has grown. Summer is always on my mind. Though I admit that we don't get to speak enough, my memories of the times we shared, keeps her close to me. Summer is a talker, very opinionated and many times even dark. We laugh about it all the time, how sometimes dark her views are, where mine are the opposite. Have we then created a seemingly perfect equilibrium, maybe it's too early to tell? It feels like I just met her yesterday, the carts colliding, the numerous apologies, the exchanges of nervous smiles, and finally the number exchange. I can still remember staring into her gorgeous eyes mesmerized. The memories are fresh, her gentle touch, her reassuring smile, and her intoxicating laugh. Were the odds stacked against us from the start? Maybe, but we've done well so far.
Summer is the perfect catch. Successful, focused, intellectual, articulate and mesmerizingly gorgeous. Discussions with her are always intriguing, she will never let you win an argument, but she will give that sinister smile to let you know that she will agree to disagree. But it was her stark beauty that first caught my attention. Flawless skin, striking facial bone structure, tender pink lips and those inviting eyes.
But nothing can discount how much we have shared in such a short time. Traveling back and forth just to spend a few precious moments with each other was time well spent. It seemed like we never slept when we were together, time was precious. We still have a fighting chance, distance has grown less significant. We communicate more daily that most married couples. Both our days are filled with good and bad, but we share them all. My affection for Summer grows exponentially with each word shared, we have reached the cross roads and our journey continues. Autumn is upon us, but for me Summer is where I will forever be.
Devils Advocate (aka McDreamy)

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