Sunday, September 26, 2010

JSR Chapter 3 - The Bashing Party Continues

This one is just fueled by the fact that the nice guy hasn't called so I wanted to kinda bash someone.

OK. So I'm in a bit of a dirty head space at the moment. It's been a week and I have not had a phone call or text or anything. So lets do some bashing…

He was a charmer. He was funny and easy to talk to. A drummer who took every opportunity to say something into the mic at every gig to make me blush. He treated me like a Queen. All of my friends and family loved him as soon as they met him. How could someone like that change so quickly? Or was it an act the whole time and he has shown his true colors? One day he sits down with me to tell me that it's over. That marriage just isn’t for him. And get this… I have a week to pack my bags before he changes the locks. I managed to stay for two horrible weeks while I was trying to decide what I was doing and where I would go. He refused any kind of counseling or effort to work things out. For the two weeks he ignored me. We did not talk. He would not even sit in the same room as me. Just before I left he brought home his little black book/list of females he has slept with. I believe I was about 180 on the list. He had previously told me the he had destroyed said list so that I couldn’t see who was on it. Then he started seeking these females out on facebook and adding them as friends. By this stage I was out of the house, staying at my parents. He was never concerned with where I was or whether I was OK. Nor did he care when I sent him a message to forward my mail to another state. He blocked me on facebook and detagged himself out of any pictures on there. Then there are the things the he “likes” on facebook. “Is that my ex. No it’s the biggest mistake of my life!”, “Do you ever look at your ex and think was I drunk our whole relationship” etc. Then I hear that he is planning a trip to Thailand. Now we all know why guys go there. As I have admitted, before I left I did go through his phone on a number of occasions and checked his emails. He was already talking about getting up to the 200 mark with his list. Even named someone. He emailed people calling me a boring killjoy of a wife. Now please. If there is fun and adrenalin involved I am willing to give it a go. How can someone who claimed that they loved you so much to marry you then treat you that way. Treat you like you never existed. Wipe you out of their life so quickly and easily. And bad mouth and disrespect you. He told my parents straight away before I could and yet hasn’t even told his parents three months on. What kind of person does that? A selfish, disrespectful, spineless asshole that’s who.
My little sister gave me a high five when I told her my parting line when I was leaving the house. “You will realize what a mistake you’ve made. Look at yourself. Your 42. Bald. Got some girth about you. You are never gonna get this again.” Ha.
Sorry I needed to vent. Why would a guy who you spent quite a few hours with, who seemed genuine and really really nice, ask for your number and then not use it????
Aussie Gal

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