Sunday, April 18, 2010

Truth and Lies

So I guess it's becoming a bit confusing now that there are two of us writing. I would like to clarify our stories so it's clear as to who is writing and what in particular it's about. Moving forward we will both initial our blogs to help.
Yesterday's posts were written by Michelle (I'm starting to feel funny referring to her by this name, but for now she would prefer to remain anonymous). The man she is writing about was once a boyfriend of sorts, but long after the romance ended they remained close friends that was until the letter. (Read Poltergeist and Ghosts from the Past).
In my situation I was in a relationship with a man for over a decade and I came to find out that he was cheating on me and that not only did he knock up the other woman, but he decided he would marry her too. I just hope it ends as well as Mel Gibson's affair.
Pain makes us stronger. Fear makes us braver. Heartbreak makes us wiser.

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