Monday, April 5, 2010

'Til Death Do Us Not

My first blog posting!

When I was growing up I believed in happily ever after and prince charming. The picture perfect life. But, then I grew up and realized that this dream seldom comes true. Don't get me wrong I'm a romantic at heart. I enjoy a sappy chick flick every now and then and I believe in love. But, most relationships aren't meant for ‘til death do us part. Those that do last the test of time are the exception and their stories are what continue to inspire little girls everywhere.
My name is Summer Peterson and once upon a time I dreamt the impossible dream and for a short time I even lived it. These days I'm more a realist then a hopeful romantic. The truth can be brutal. Love bites and prince charming is about as realistic as Santa Clause.
So now at the age of thirty-five I find myself a singleton in a world of couples and yet in many ways I feel like the lucky one. While I know of many happily married couples I have come to the conclusion that marriage isn’t all it's cracked up to be. Yet as a society we push marriage, a house and children as the norm. I was one of the many suckers who for a moment actually believed the illusion. That was until the day the glass slipper fell into a million pieces. Waking up from the nightmare hasn't been easy, but I have discovered writing to be the best form of therapy. The journey to new beginnings and making peace with my unfinished past is a continuous evolution and I am excited to see what awaits in the unknown.
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