Monday, April 19, 2010

Faking Reality and Confronting the Ghost

The most difficult thing is when the person you loved so much hurt you so bad, but didn't even notice your tears.
What a small world. Of all the people in all the places what are the chances? I guess it's the universes way of saying it isn’t over yet. Are we bound to run into our ghosts or in this case our friends ghosts until we get closure from the situation?
What began as a rather serendipitous day has ended with me questioning everything I thought I knew. What is the truth and what is a lie? How can someone portray themselves as a loving husband and devoted family man one minute and then do a complete 360 and become this polar opposite guy who not only is cold and calculating, but shows zero respect for a woman. What is the truth? It doesn't make any sense. I was fooled, as presumably is everyone else around him.
I am so angry. I never thought I would say this, but Michelle's jackass sewer rat is a much bigger douche than Andy. At least Andy's personality never changed. But, this one, I don't get it he seemed so normal. But, then it's usually the "normal ones" that turn out to be the biggest fakes.
As I learned today, thanks to the power of the Internet and social networking sites it's nearly impossible to completely vanish. Coincidence or random twist of fate? I suppose it's true, if you change just one thing in your day, everything you thought you knew can change in the blink of an eye. You think you know someone and then it turns out that aren't at all who they seem to be.
I don't think time ever really heals emotional wounds. How do you trust anyone again when the person you thought you knew so well turned out to be the ultimate fake?
It's truly amazing how one person's actions can cause a domino effect on the lives of others. Yet, the ghost just walks away and goes on with his life as if nothing happened.
Given his past history, when put in a corner and confronted he typically never responds. All talk and no game. The question is what do I do with this information. Do I confront the ghost or let it go and walk away?


  1. It is always the most normal ones that are the biggest fakers. I dont understand why man cant just grow up. Why is it that they are supposed to be the ones protecting us from harm but are usually the ones that end up hurting us. Every day i read your blog i think how funny that its not just me, there are other fakers out there and your right how do you ever trust any man?

  2. The thing is I don't care that he is married with kids now. I truly was happy for him and his new life. But, even though we didn't make it as a couple I spent all those years with someone I thought I knew and I come to find out I didn't know him at all. How can someone go from being your friend one day to a complete stranger the next? Once again, as expected he didn't respond and answer the simple question why? Is it really that difficult a question? One day I hope to blindside him as he did to me and I can only hope that I get the same sick and twisted thrill as he did by disposing of me. As to your question about trusting men, there are a few good men out there, but don't waste your time searching for them. Enjoy being single. Do what you want, with whomever you want, whenever you want. Thanks for reading. MV


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