Friday, April 9, 2010

Flashy Cars and Small Balls

I had been walking around this whole time thinking I was "the one" when in fact I was so far from it. I wonder if the joke was on me. Had everyone around me know all along that it wouldn't last?
To the outside world, he was successful, though not rich, he had money in the bank, and he had lots of friends and was close to his family. Yet, there was this dark side to him. Was I the only person to witness the alternate persona?
In retrospect thou, all his goals for life, at least the ones he told me will now most likely never happen. Every word that came out of his mouth had been a lie. He was faking a reality that was within reach, yet so far away. His goals impressed me and maybe that was the point. I could never have been "the one" as I am not a person who depends on someone else. I'm not embarrassed to eat out alone and I prefer vacationing alone. But, then again two workaholics raised me so I learned to be independent at an early age.
In the end, what I came to discover was that he wasn't a tough guy after all. The flashy car, the metro sexual outfits, it was all an act. Merely covering up the fact that he wasn't this confident man everyone thought he was. But, by displaying this image of wealth and success, he was in a way untouchable. He would be in control and never get hurt by people. He needed someone to depend on him, to think of him as prince charming, to cherish every word he said, to change their last name.
I like dead end signs. They at least have the decency to tell you you're going nowhere. Cowardly men with flashy cars and small balls are sewer rats.

Good thing karma is a bitch.


  1. Going through almost the same situation and I must say...your blog is very interesting ;)
    I also live in Miami and let me tell you...stay single for a while or at least til you find someone that's worth it. This place is packed with cowardly lying metro sexuals (who knows what they TRULY are) with meaningless flashy cars and insanely bad habits. Be selfish!

  2. Everything happens for a reason. Thanks for the post.


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