Saturday, April 24, 2010

Old Friends and Intrigue

The world works in mysterious ways. When one door closes, another opens. From the outside what is perceived to be a happy relationship turns out was far from perfect.
Have you ever met someone who you were attracted to, but never thought of them in an intimate way because you were in a relationship and they were married?
When I was working in Los Angeles, my boss at the time was happily married or so I thought as was I. During the years we worked together our conversations were rarely about our personal life, but from the little I did know about his life outside of work I was under the impression he was madly in love. Fast forward and boy how life has changed. We both left the company a few years ago and lost touch until last year when we reconnected online and at first I never considered him more than an acquaintance. I don't remember how it came about, but over time our conversations became more personal. In just six months we have learned more about one another then we ever knew in the three years we worked together. The person I thought he was is far from the person he turns out to be and he is very close to my ideal man. Which is a very surreal thought and while I realize the chances it might develop into a real relationship are slim the possibility intrigues me.
We haven't seen each other in person in nearly four years. Thing is we now live across the country from one another. We tried to meet up a few months ago, but he got stuck in Atlanta. The chances we will see each other in person and see if there is something more than flirty online chatting are slim and far between. So for now I will continue to entertain the cyber attraction and if it's meant to be things will fall into place.

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