Sunday, April 18, 2010

Drinking, Ex Bashing and Ghost Hunting

In the company of strangers, partnered with cocktails and new surroundings one tends to relax and unwind. I have had three significant brief encounters. Only met once and yet I will always remember them. In the course of a few hours I have spilled my guts to these strangers and like wise they have to me. Blame it on the alcohol, but I find it incredibly refreshing to tell my life story and not fear the embarrassment.
Last week, I met a man named Edward. I noticed him immediately at the end of the bar. I had already started a conversation with an Italian man seated next to me, but he wasn't really my type. The whole time we are talking I continue to notice Edward. He was at this point talking to another woman. The funny thing is the whole time I'm talking to the Italian (I never got his name) all I'm thinking is who is this guy in the business suit. I notice Edward gradually start moving closer to me and then the Italian stepped out for a smoke and when I turn around Edward is right next to me.
I was three drinks in, my drink of choice currently is pineapple vodka mixed with pineapple juice. I learn that he is in town on business and then he is a real estate investor. He lives in San Diego and is thirty-seven. He was smooth, complimenting me on my necklace, buying me drinks, trying to impress me with his flashy watch and upcoming business purchases. Who knows if any of it was the truth. I wasn't looking to meet my soul mate, just company.
I can't remember how we got on the topic of exes and love, but once the floodgates were open we couldn't stop talking. There was of course the discussion of the JSR and after I described the whole situation to him he says to me "You know it's not over. He will be back one day and when that day comes you tell him " I've found someone to fuck me better than you." To which I immediately burst out laughing. I wish I had come up with that line.
The next few hours flew by and before I knew it the bar was closing. By this point it was already two am and I had to be up at six. We chatted a bit more and exchanged numbers, but I don't expect much of anything to come from it. It was merely a random twist of fate. A man I will remember forever because for the first time in months I laughed and was able to let go of the pain. I thank him for making me realize life really isn't that bad when you are able to laugh at it.

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