Monday, January 31, 2011

Footprints on the Soul of Sand

Peace Out Love is my motto these days. I've given up on trying to understand men. It's easier that way. I no longer over think or for that matter really think about what if or maybe he meant this or why isn't he paying attention to me. I've decided to just do what I want and if a guy doesn't piss me off and likes what I'm doing then whatever happens happens.
This week will be the ten month anniversary of Love Bites. It's a bit surreal how quickly the days and months has gone by. Life off screen is a whole new book in the making which at times makes it's difficult to think of new and exciting topics to write about on here.
What will you be remember for? I find myself pondering my legacy. Perhaps a bit dramatic and fancy a term given I'm not even thirty yet, but the idea that what you are doing now can leave a permanent footprint for years to come.
I turn twenty nine in a couple months and while I'm still considered a youngster I find common ground more enough with middle aged and AARP old farts. Not sure what that says about me, but I find most people my age are immature and narrow minded.
I'm a risk taker. I'm a bag of worms. I'm a bit dangerous and a whole lot of crazy. Which makes life so much more exciting and fun.
So back to the idea of legacy. When you leave what will stay? What will others remember about who you were? Will your dream continue to grow or will there be a celebration now that you are gone?

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