Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where Did We Go Wrong?

Maybe there is common ground still between us. Maybe we still have a fighting chance or maybe we built our budding romance up so high and so quickly that it became this ridiculous fantasy. The reality is far from sexy. On it's own it very well may fade out. But, I would rather discover that through trial and error than in a war of words.
I don't know what the situation is with relocating and quite frankly I don't get why that suddenly is the deal breaker. After everything that has gone done in recent months I feel like we lost sight of what initially was the spark.
So while I would love to start over with a clean slate can we really forget all the hurtful and emotionally fueled words thrown back and forth? Can we really pretend that everything that did unfold in the brief period since we met was simply water under the bridge?
What if the glimpse of hate was just the icing on the cake and everything that seemed so blissful was the real lie.

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