Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dazed and Confused

Do I have a classified ad listing that I'm unaware of? I figure it must read something like this:

"Successful, charming, thirty something, blond haired, blue eyed beauty desperately seeking all recovering drug addicts, alcoholics, workaholics, control freaks and closet gays for a drama filled, verbal abuse relationship of love."

Money and power can buy you a fancy car and a designer closet of electronic gadgets, but clearly it doesn't teach you manners. I thought I had finally found a "normal" guy, dare I say a great catch. But, I was a fool to believe that someone could fall hard so quick and really be flawless.
Of all the people I never ever thought McDreamy would break my heart. Given everything that he had witnessed and heard about. (Probably shouldn't have given him that nickname to start with) But, once again I am dazed and confused by men. Do you really want to become the next JSR?
From the start I should have known better. This dream was nothing more than a delusion that I so desperately wanted to come true. I am thankful we met and I will forever remember our brief time together. I've learned a great deal about myself and about respecting and understanding those with different backgrounds and beliefs. But, I will not compromise on my dreams and I will not let anybody stand in my way. I have never made a joint decision and I will never ask permission to live my life as I see fit.
I will not take the blame for the twisted web of words that caused the silence. So walk away now. Take the easy way out. I'll stay behind and do damage control. Why you can't acknowledge my words is very bizarre and not fair.
Are you a pickup artist or just another cold-hearted asshole?

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