Thursday, January 13, 2011

Creative Dreams Come True

The Internet is a pretty scary invention if mishandled. While the benefits of being able to stay in touch with loved ones are amazing it is what you find when you weren't looking for it that can at times surprise you.
People could and go from our lives. Many get lost along the way, a handful stay dear to our hearts, and a few still spook us no matter how many years pass.
The question I keep asking myself these days isn't what caused the cold shoulder and silent treatment. That no longer is a concern or care as M and company seems more like a Dateline story I once watched about scam artists. I laugh now and in many ways want to thank M and company for their stupidity and careless mutual decision to stay silent for so long. If I had gotten a response in the beginning Love Bites most likely never would have started and I never would have gained an international group of new friends.
Looking back at the beginning months of Love Bites and where I'm at now I honestly wouldn't recognize the person I use to be. Sure I look the same physically, but mentally I feel like I've survived a war.
What bothers me now is why did I react as I did? Why did I put trust and faith in cold hearted and ignorant people who still can't spell? Why did I welcome someone who already had a track record of being a total asshole back into my life? What the hell was I thinking? Why did I not think it was odd to be introduced to the wife? What was I hoping to gain out of the reconnection? People like M never change. People like M are why so many women guard their hearts and test men with their own mind games.
Sure I'm trying to prove a point and it would seem certain people listened to my words. Congratulations for stepping outside the corporate box and taking a risk. Funny how seemingly simple decisions turn out to be life changing ones. I wish you success with your new endeavor.

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