Thursday, January 27, 2011

Words of Wisdom

I am just so amazed at how many readers there are now! I often go through phases where I date A LOT, and other times I "pass time with someone", and other times I lead the life as a pornstar(check out "Candyland" in June 2010). I am the type of guy who has fun and enjoys making others laugh. There's never a dull moment with me. You've seen my sensitive side, my honesty, and a touch of my humor. I was asked to share a little about my bachelor lifestyle.
First off, let me explain where I have been recently. I was dating(sleeping with) a few different women until I met "The Attorney". We have been talking for about a month and things are going ok, but it takes time to get to know someone....and I sure do find some weird ones at times. I would say she's "normal", what I mean by this is: great job, owns her own place, stable lifestyle, dresses nice, and so on. I on the other hand am a hand-full. I am all over the place, wear whatever I am in the mood for, eat whenever im hungry, and never had to follow any order or rules. Some would say I am the "bad boy" type. Im guessing the attraction at first was that I was different from the norm. Here lies the issue....She is way to clean-cut for me! no dark side, talks like a Hallmark card, drinks (1-2) drinks, goes home on time, and everything is in perfect order. The plans for the weekend are written out a week before hand, and so on...Here's where it gets even more trickier... she mentioned it had been a while since her last boyfriend (or better yet anything). I then asked "how long?", she just replied "After being with someone, I take time off to totally clear my mind of them". Little did I know she was a born-again-virgin!!! Shit, I sure can pick em'! Let's just said the first kiss took 2 weeks(not my style). I was very scared when things were progressing this slowly so I mentioned my concern. I told her "what if I wait however long it is, and not like it then?" I mean really...... sex is important in a relationship. Well....after a month, we did "it". I wasn't impressed at all. But how was she to know sex is easy for me to obtain? to her it was "something special". Well sex is "special", but damn! the next morning she says " I really wanted to wait until we "MADE LOVE" hmmmm.... (I threw up in my mouth a lil') did she expect me to fall "in love" before having sex? YUP! she sure did. To add to the pressure, she then said she was ready to give up on men until I came along.GEEZ!! kill me now!! WTF! she stated she had been hurt too bad and hadn't been with someone in a few years. F'n A! a few years???? holy shit! good thing she didn't ask how long it had been for me. I am now at a point I don't even want to have sex with her again. She made it too "special". I have heard a million times "If I had a dick, I would put it everywhere!" Women have said this to me all the time. Well, I took their advice. No, im not just going around sticking it in everything, but a few one-nighters are fun, and at times, just what the doctor ordered. I sure wish more women would realize TO MEN SEX IS AN ACT TO FULFILL A NEED, NOT BECAUSE WE WANT TO MARRY YOU, OR TO SPEND THE REST OF OUR LIVES WITH YOU. Well, with this said, I sure am missing my old dating life. I got laid when I wanted to, ate when I wanted to, and set the rules. If I wanted to go out with you, I would. If I wanted someone else, they understood. I had a great group of women who "enjoyed my company", but recently iv'e neglected them because I was trying to do the "relationship" thing....It sucks!
"Once upon a time and Happily ever after" is for fairytales. Why not just enjoy life to the fullest, with whomever makes you the happiest. Block off those feeling for a little while and just have a kick ass time you will remember for a lifetime. As long as you protect yourself (condom and heart) you can't loose! I have been sitting back reading the comments and I must say..... get out there and fuck someone else and forget the dude that fucked up your head! Most guys will say anything to get laid, reverse the role for once. Go get him, do what you want, and go home laughing! Add up all those nights sitting home crying about the past, and you will realize he moved on. I once heard "the best way to get over a guy, is to get under another"....For Christ sake use those tissues to clean up the wet spot leftover from an amazing encounter, instead of for crying. Sorry to put it that way but all I have been hearing is woe is me, I want him back, he doesn't care. Nope he doesn't care, he's screwing someone else, and probably fucking up someone else's head.
The Man

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