Saturday, January 8, 2011

Harping For Harmony

This will be the last blog I write about the ex-files. My New Year's resolution is to stop harping on the people that caused me pain and confusion. So no more Andy, no more McDreamy and while I'm at it no more romance relationships period. I'll done giving my all at the hope of a long lasting and meaningful relationship. Given my track record with men I'm clearly not good at picking out the good seeds.
The long distance thing is not for me. I need a guy who is a phone call away. Someone who gets me and accepts me with all my baggage and flaws. Maybe we will speak again, maybe we will meet again, but for now I must move on and follow my heart. I will not shut the door on McDreamy; if he wants to try again some day I will seriously consider the offer. But, honestly how can it really work? Like you said you're an extremely busy and important person and I'm just the girl with a delusional idea.
I think you lost interest long before we got here. The games stopped a while back and maybe you took my responses to particular questions completely wrong. I wish we could start over, but I get the feeling to many buttons have been pushed and I don't even know why.
It never had to do with what it ultimately became about. Maybe what I need now is something you can't be or maybe it could be something great. I've never not wanted the cake.
The seasons have changed since we last spoke, but all I can think about is the summer.
With Love,

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