Saturday, January 1, 2011


2010 was definitely a year filled with more darkness than smiles and sunrises. Yesterday I was carrying a heavy weight on my shoulders. Remember all that was lost, broken and forgotten in the past 365 days.
I fell asleep at ten o'clock last night at peace with the year that was now behind me and hopeful for the sublime happiness that awaits in 2011. It will not be a straight road to paradise. If I have learned nothing from the last year it is that everything comes at a price. Pick correctly and be strong enough to face the consequences of foolish choices.
There are cardinal rules when it comes to love and life, whether it is a romantic relationship or a business partner. Basic practices to remember and use as reference to remind you not to detour off track. Easier said than done of course. Had I followed the code of, he's just not that into you, I could have avoided many of the events that have occurred.
At what point he lost interest or for that matter why I do not know. Maybe I expect too much from people and believe that a simple "Hi" or "Good Morning/Evening" is part of the daily routine. If this simple gesture is asking for too much than what is left?
Unless it's spelled out for me I will keep pushing for an answer. If I get nothing in return I will get more upset. Perhaps, it was at this point a few months ago that the warning signs happened. Life became complicated and chaotic and the once carefree and happy notes had quickly become short and open to interpretation.
Had we already run the course and lost the race? Or were we in a timeout? Why so anger? Why so quick to judge? Why so hot and cold?
Let's get a few things clear here. I did not defriend you. I deactivated my account. There is a difference. I did not block you. Before fb people communicated via email and before that there was the telephone and pony express. All of which are still excellent ways to stay in touch with me. Deactivating my account had nothing to do with you. I need a detox from my fake friends and their games. Second, I am changing my phone number again not because of you. If you took a second out of your super busy life you might learn a thing or two about my equally super busy and chaotic life. Before you jump to conclusions about my words on the screen ask me a question without an attitude. Third, what is your deal man? Spit it out already.
Happy New Year Everyone!!
Summer (SP)

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