Saturday, January 1, 2011

Spelling Bee

The best gamer is the one you never see coming. Afterwards you reflect on the winning and losing plays with a dumbfounded calm. The ball had never been in my court. There never was love. There never was hope. There never was a future. It was all a lie. Did you get what you wanted out of the game? Are you happy with your trophy?
That's right. Walk away now. You are no different than the rest. You say you are, but now you stand alone at the top of the class. I should have known better than to believe your words and dreams. I hate myself now, because I see it for what it was. Stupid, stupid, stupid me.
I am confused by your words. Confused by your actions. Confused by everything. Silence is the cowardly way out and that's fine. You don't want to piece back together this. There never was a we anyhow really. My mistake again.
What more can I compromise on? I'm not the one who can't think outside the box. Who can't be free. Life can't always go your way. There must be compromise. Once you get to know a person, maybe you don't like the details and that is fine, but at least say it. I am not a plain Jane. I will never be a plain Jane. I have an outspoken personality and I will fight for what I believe in. If that is uncomfortable for you just say it.
I wish you the best wherever your travels may take you.
With Love,

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