Thursday, January 20, 2011

March of Hearts

The road back home is the greatest journey. You learn who is weak, who is stubborn, who is strong and who is brave. Not everyone who started the march with you remains, many more have joined in the search and many more are just beginning the hike.
I could walk away today from this life I created and never look back. I use to feel defined by my material possessions, but now when I look around at all the fancy objects that once portrayed who I was to the outside world it means nothing. What justifies me now is this desire and passion to keep opening new doors. To keep redefining what can and can't be accomplished. Maybe nothing becomes of this. Maybe the house clears me out, but as crazy as it sounds my inner voice keeps telling me not to stop reaching for the stars.
If we keep following our heart, sometimes we discover a path that no longer is a dead end detour. The stubborn few who once were my closest admirers have been written out of the script. I can only hope one day they see the reality from a different view.
Keep following your dreams and love life for all the punches and curve balls it throws at you. If you can survive the war you can conquer just about anything. Don't let the haters on the sidelines get you down. They aren't worthy of your love. Keep moving forward and when you look back on the life once lived be thankful for the broken hearts and sleepless nights. Without those trails and tribulations you wouldn't be the stronger, wiser person you are today.

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