Thursday, January 6, 2011


Just because you apologize doesn't mean all will end well. Maybe it wasn't love after all, just another lie overlooked because we still believed in love.
Everyone has a choice. Do well, be good, make mistakes, and correct your errors. I no longer care what people think or say about me. There was a point where I so desperately wanted people to like me, but as time goes by I really don't care. Maybe my approach is at times crossing the border and for some too much to handle. That's okay of course as I'm not here to win you over. I'm here for me and I will continue to be here for just me. Sure it's nice to see that others take time out of their day to read our blog and even email us with kind words, but even if no one were reading this blog I would still be writing and speaking my mind.
Maybe my ways of handling issues are for some extreme, but such is most of my life. I challenge myself everyday to learn something and accept others just the way they are.
I see a pattern here and while it's easier to put the blame on me I know it's not completely my fault. Errors were made by many, corrections by few, lessons learned and life goes on. We are who we are.

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