Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Phantom of The Opera

Each choice has a result. Some we regret, some we cherish, some that haunt us. Who knows what lies ahead in the days and months to come? If the magic eight ball or genie in a box could really tell the future many of life choices probably wouldn't have occurred. Sometimes we take a chance and photo shop ourselves in a world and a life that seems so perfect and ideal on the outside, but once inside the make believe turns out to be more like an episode from the real housewives franchise.
When we reveal the truth behind the facade we aren't greeted warmly anymore. It never was real to begin with so at least now it's the truth.
Some people come into our lives in a period of turmoil and take advantage of our weaknesses. Just when we think we found an alias in a world of frenemies and haters the door is shut again without an answer.
Accusations and threats fuming with love and hate are thrown out into the ring. Even after the fight is over the true war has just begun. If we understood our actions and those of others around us would we make the same choices so quickly? Would we question others motives more intensely? If we follow our heart and the road we travel down isn't welcoming have we failed or found a new ideal?

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