Saturday, April 30, 2011

Monster's Ball

No words ever have to be spoken. You just know from the simplest of actions exactly who the real monsters are. They might pretend to be rockstars in the making or happy go lucky soccer moms, but it's all just an act that the majority of people will buy.
If you let the monsters out of the closet you will finally "get it." The monster is afraid of you, but has managed to create this ridicilously amazing and mysterious persona that for a long time made you believe you were in the presence of greatness.
This has always been true, as the real star of the show has always been you and not some rockstar wannabe who years later you figured out was never going to amount to anything and who had no modivation to challenge themselves or grow. Money talks and at the end of the day there are a bunch of mouths to fit. It's just a shame to waste talent, because you started a family.
That's the difference between us. My words may come out of left field from time to time, but I will always back up my actions. If I say I'm going to do accomplish something I will. I would never let anyone become the co-pilot of my solo mission. It just sucks that it took me all this time to finally see thru the layers of bullshit.
Well the ball is over. The glass slipper has been retrieved. The promises of false hope forgiven and gradually forgotten. Nonetheless I still wish you the best. You never were going to leave were you? It was just a game to you? To see how far the illusion could take you.

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