Sunday, April 24, 2011

Butterfly Avalanche

If we knew why we wouldn't be here. If we could pinpoint to the very second the avalanche started we wouldn't have questioned or judged. If we believed in the magic eight ball's depressing answer to all life's questions we would have stopped putting our faith in a cardboard box.
For whatever reason we still believe in miracles. In random chance encounters, in love at first sight, in happily ever after and prince charming. But, we know now that it would be naive to change our course simply because of a butterfly feeling.
All that ends well rarely starts out pain free. All the little monsters in the closet will remain under lock and key unless we sell our souls to the devil.
There will come a time when peace and harmony sleep side by side again. For now we shall enjoy the few moments of serenity. Well aware that anyday now the storm may return for a rematch.

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