Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gypsy Kingdom

So many times we put our fate in the hands of a drunken fortune teller. We hold our breath for a pipe dream that expired before it was conceived. We forget the mistakes of our past because we want to believe this time will be different. But, it never is. Maybe in the end what we come to understand is nothing more than what we originally believed.
The carousel continues to spin long after the ride ended. The candy coated shell sits idle contemplating how to safety eject with the silly notion that we can cheat death and free fall to paradise.
The vision of home sweet home is what keeps us moving forward. What keeps us alive inside even when the wounds of the battle appear to have gotten the best of us.
Love Bites is celebrating it's first birthday today. It's been a surreal year and the real adventure is just beginning. We hope you stay along for the ride and bring along your super fabulous friends too.
Cheers y'all! Especially to my fellow partners in crime. Thanks for the inspiration, support and love. xoxo
With Love,

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