Friday, April 15, 2011

Rubber Heart

So I may have stuffed up big time. I want to protect myself. Protect myself from being hurt again. But maybe I am being too over protective. I think it has worked against me.
I have been seeing an amazing guy for about four months now. We started slow and over time we became more attached. And it has been great.He is completely different to any other guy I have met. We have feelings for each other. There is no denying that. Just ask the people who see us together. Lol.
But my problem is that I have been holding back my thoughts, my feelings and I guess in a way who I am because I am afraid of letting it all out there only to be hurt again. I have been there before. And had my heart torn to pieces. And I am shit scared about letting that happen again. The last one not only broke my heart but also the hearts of my family and friends. I have to protect them as well.
I am falling for this guy. I do know the last thing he would ever want to do is hurt me. He has the sweetest heart and soul. And he has opened my eyes up to many things. He has inspired me to do certain things in my life. Maybe I need to trust him with my heart and to be more open with him and I am willing to do that…
Aussie Gal

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