Thursday, April 14, 2011

Left of Center

I've been gone for awhile from the blog and enjoying life without having to worry about what semi personal detail I should expose. Much like learning to ride a bicycle I have gradually gained a new found confidence in myself and no longer need the training wheels. I've hit a few pot holes, fell down a bunch of times, but I keep getting back up and going out everyday with a fresh outlook on life.
I've missed a few birthdays and milestones, but the interest in our fragile existence surprisingly continues to multiple. I must admit I do enjoy being able to keep my private life, private, but I also miss feeling like I am part of something profound. Maybe one day I will write again on here, but for the time being I'm enjoying my seemingly normal life.
Where ever your travels take you I wish you the best and I hope that this one is "the one." But, if not there is always happiness left of center. Congratulations to all that have found love or at least a warm body to lay next to and most importantly congratulations to those who have not let their past mistakes define their existence.

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