Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Chronicles of Narnia

All the twists and turns will never prepare you for the final curtain call. You may have been expecting the blackout for some time, but how and why will leave you speechless. Moving forward seems impossible, but the clock keeps ticking and the days eventually start adding up. Time passing mentally slows and the only thing that brings you happiness is dreaming of a life in Narnia.
If you click your heels three times no fairy godmother or Prince William will magically appear. If you don't like your life at least attempt to change it, but NEVER ever pack your bags and move away for a man or because of one. It only shows your weakness. Sure it's dramatic and proves a point, but it doesn't really change anything. If you, yourself have not changed then you will continue to repeat the same poor choices and enter into similar bad relationships.
The only way to win isn't to seek revenge it's to never vanish, but rather to remain a constant reminder of a life once lived. If you disappear you will quickly be forgotten. But, if you continue to surface, no matter how hard the person who did you wrong tries they will NEVER be able to forget you. Which is the sweetest ending to a bitter lullaby.

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