Friday, April 8, 2011

Almost Married

I see there have been some talks about two people finding each other..Well, I guess I should step forward and tell you, IT'S ME!!! Let me first say, in order to truly understand why this has such big meaning, you need to read the earlier blogs. I have been "searching" for many years to find the one "perfect for me". I am the type that it either works, or it dosn't...I know exactly what I wanted, but never knew it actually exists! So many of us look and look, go on endless dates and end up just settling for what works. Let me say...I am a picky SOB and it takes something very special to catch my eye..She has not only caught my eye, she is a gift I always wanted, but never thought I would receive.
There are so many factors that go into determining whether or not the person you’re with is the person you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with. It’s not a decision that should be taken lightly, or that should be done without a considerable about of thought and internal preparation. I have learned through many experiences that we attract exactly what we are looking for at that time. If you're looking for "fun" that's all it will ever be. If you're looking for "sex", then sex will come to you as well...You can't change who you attract! We attract mirror images of ourselves, and history will repeat itself, until you find the power to change. Ever heard the saying "can't turn a hooker into a housewife"? well, most of us would love to have a experienced pornstar type woman who is a virgin, but com'on!! that will never happen! Everyone has a past, and many of us need to experience these things before our "gift" comes to us as well. You need to accept things as they are, never settle for something/someone who isn't your equal, and he/she will arrive
when you least expect it. As soon as we met, everything in my life lined up! I KNOW this is a higher power that has drawn us together. Many will think im full of shit, but when you have this internal feeling, you will know they are "the one". It can be mistaken sometimes, but you will just know. Words can not explain the feeling that runs throughout your body.
Here's where things get crazy: As we travel through life we always have a mental picture of what our future will look like. We look out five, ten, fifteen and sometimes even twenty or thirty years into our future and contemplate what our little worlds will look like. When I was single, I’d look out in to my future and see myself single throughout my mid-twenties, married and enjoying life in my late twenties and early 30′s, a parent in my 30′s and a grandparent somewhere in my 60′s. In all that projecting, the person I projected by my side was always some beautiful phantom of a woman whose face I could never quite discern because I had yet to meet her. That all changed the moment we spoke! When I imagined my future life, the face of the beautiful woman standing next to me in both my immediate and long term future was clear. It was her!!!, and there was nothing I could do to shake that. My dreams have now become a reality and I am on the
journey of forever.
So, how do you know when someone is the one? I guess it’s different for everyone.. for me, I just knew. She is just an amazing woman, everything I always wished for. Knowing all the shit I had to go through to find her, I would have done it a million times if my reward were the same.
The Man

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