Sunday, February 13, 2011

How Did I Get Here?

What am I doing? How did I get here? Some days are better than others. Today is just one of those days that has me asking myself "How did I get here?"
I am an ok looking guy, decent job, very easy to get along with, and so much to offer the right woman. I am back in the dating world once again and this weekend, I got back online (on a dating site) and soon followed by some new mail and possible dates. A funny thing happened recently.... Some of my customers/clients were asking about my marriage status, I wondered why? Then they asked if I would be interested in a blind date. I thought to myself this was either a really bad idea, or I have put an amazing impression on them and they wanted to be a bit responsible for my happiness. So last week was date #1 Very attractive (DEA agent)hahahhahaha!! You would know why I'm laughing if you have been reading from the beginning. I am a risk-taker and even thought about putting a little pot in my pocket during the date but I don't smoke. I guess you can say I love the adrenaline. So...we meet, have a great night (my client, her new boyfriend, and #$@%$#$). My client wanted me to "check out" her new man and see if he's really into her. He seemed like a great guy and I'm happy to say won my approval. Now back to me.... When she first walked in she was cute, but didn't have that "WOW factor" for me...until...she got up to use the bathroom. WHOA!!! Baby got back!! And after seeing that, I was all in. I then checked out the nails (perfectly manicured), nice stiletto heels, and the most perfectly fitting jeans. We watched the game, had way too many drinks, and all of us ended up at a strip club. This chic had everything...or was it the booze and that perfect ass? Well, whatever it was, I was into her.
We exchange numbers and talk a few times after. Here's the catch (there seems to always be one of these) she is with a married guy, or should I say screwing one. Hmmm, this tells me one thing.... She wants what she can’t have. I was somewhat possible. So I'm guessing if I wanted anything further, I would need to be a dick, or tell her I'm too busy for her. Again with the games!! Ok #2 Clients sister. Somewhat attractive but a little older than I would like. This was just a meeting, nothing more, nothing less. Here's my dilemma... I have noticed I have either dated the women in their 20's, late 30's, or early 40ish. No one early 30's. I have hit a point where I keep thinking not holding out on kids and marriage, at earlier years, would have been easier. I could have done it all earlier, but instead my career came first. Now I get the wounded women who have kids, been crapped on by guys, and I'm the lucky winner of Wednesdays, or every other weekend!
Woohoo!! Well if that's the schedule I get than I'm going to need a few of you to fill the week!
I feel as if I held out with my old school beliefs of only getting married once is not practical now-a-days. Everyone my age has kids, been married, and now divorced. Is that a good thing? Not in my eyes, but they look at me like.... no kids? Never been married? Hmmmmmm..... what’s wrong with him? NOTHING!! I wear condoms, never settle, and when it's right, it's right! Dating and life in general has become so impersonal. How often do you hear a friend’s voice? Instead it's a texting world, facebooking is now the way to see what your friends are up to, and Christmas is no longer filled with kids riding their new bikes or skateboards down the streets.... instead kids are playing games, jerking off, bisexual is the norm, and sports are only done online. Geez, do I sound old? LOL <---at least I can use some of the terms.
The Man

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