Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dream On

A wise man once told me that when life brings certain people back into your life it means you have unfinished business...good,bad,or indifferent...don't move on until you finished what was started. What this wise man forgot to mention was that the series finale would be a cliffhanger never intended to have closure.
Making peace with the past was how I got here. Over the last ten months I have accepted what may never be explained, I have embraced change and sought comfort from new and old friends. All the while the yellow brick road has been coaching me along with painfully gorgeous heels on and a lifetime of hilarious stories to tell.
People come and go, why certain people leave a footprint on our soul is one of life's mysteries. For some knowing the truth is better left unspoken, for others the unknown becomes a mission and at times a bizarre obsession, even if we know the real answers will never be told. Our point was made many months ago, so now this chapter and the many more waiting to be written are for us to craft the true ending to an unfinished past. Except at the end of this story the cowardly lion doesn't gain courage.

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