Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy I am Not

"Death is not the greatest loss. The greatest loss is what dies within us when we live." -
Norman Cousins

"Our purpose is already encoded in our souls before we are born and therefore there is someone inside us who knows what it is. Watch for synchronicities. They are signposts to purpose."- Deike Beg

Maybe there was a moment at which I realized it could never be the same. That we had run our course, but I still held out a sliver of hope that the good times would return. Of course they never did. Very quickly we took a turn for the worst, down a chained dirt road.
Life at times throws a lot of sharp objects at you. There is a choice run away and never look back or confront the monster and see where life leads you.
Never say never. Never live with regrets. Never forget the past, but also don't allow it to hinder your next chapter. A part of me wants to believe that time will mend this broken heart and come the spring we will be friends again. But I know it won't change a thing.
I think sometimes we fall in love with the idea of love and forget that marriage is a compromise and an endless and often times thankless job. In order to be strong one must be broken down for a period of time. If you can endure the darkness and survive then you deserve happiness once again.

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