Friday, February 4, 2011

Bowler of Trophies

Silly girl. Didn't you expect this would happen? You were a fool to believe anything had changed. Hadn't the past shown you just how good a liar he was? Is it was it is. But, instead of imagining the endless possibilities that could be going on right now take this as another lesson learned in love lost and found. Nothing, is as it seems.
Enjoy this moment it maybe the last quiet one left. Life is changing and you can no longer prevent it from crashing down. Where the road less traveled goes now is up to you and you alone. Continue to play the game just like everyone else around you. Stop questioning and keep pretending to be friends with your greatest enemies.
What was screamed in a fit of rage and frustration didn't magically go away. Nothing has changed and yet so much has. You know perfectly well what is going on around you. Remain calm and composed. The best is yet to come.

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