Thursday, February 3, 2011


The ending was in the making before we even said hello. If only I had recognized all the signs blinking and telling me to run away now before you get tangled up in a tale that doesn't end with a happy ending or a glass slipper.
It is always better to think before you speak. To over think and write pros and cons lists, to evaluate the situation and the people around you and then after you make your final decision you will realize just how selfish and wrong that choice was. It might haunt you for years or overtime you may come to realize it was the moment that defined who you would become.
I have had that moment and the moments thereafter are numbing and filled with a balloon boy idea of sublime happiness. Maybe it all falls apart again just as everything else has after a while or maybe, just maybe for once the puzzle effortlessly gets put together.
If we question people and why they do what they do we will never like the answer. It will never be correct. Sometimes the answer we want to hear is simply not in our partner’s vocabulary. The more we push, the further into the deep blue we float.
The smart ones know when to walk away before the gamble is too risky. Before they become emotionally attached. Before I becomes a we. I never did.

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