Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Great Debate - Part 2

The great debate was the subject of many entries in the beginning months of Love Bites. Read the month of June for the aftermath of the soap opera drama. Since then our readership has grown just a little bit (21,375 Love Bites groupies last time I checked) and what was meant to be a private message is now an international tale. Half our fans reside outside the United States. With a growing increase in India, Nepal, Canada and Australia (thanks Aussie gal). Not to mention that the tale of M, the mascot of all Jackass Sewer Rat is going to be in print (cross your fingers) for thousands more to read. All because a simple question was deemed unnecessary to answer. Clearly not so simple a question to answer, because if the truth were said life would have become complicated for M and company. I have a feeling life is going to become very interesting for Mr. and Mrs. JSR. The fun parade will be in a city near you very soon.
So just a few days before the shit storm of unproductive verbal abuse came my way back in June, I had been asking The Man the same questions I had been hoping to hear from JSR all this time. Thanks to the power of the internet and an accidental email (nothing is by accident), the voice of the infamous JSR and his wife, whom I will now refer to as Mrs. JSR, came into the Love Bites arena to speak their minds. Unfortunately, instead of ever confronting the truth and answering the one and only question "why?" they detoured off topic and bitched about nothing in particular.
From the little I could get out of Mrs. JSR she seemed to now be blaming me for the fallout. Which if you were to read the note he emailed me last year (read Poltergeist and Ghosts from the Past in the April archives) and all the facts I have to back up my story isn't possible.


1) He initiated contact.
2) He wanted to meet on multiple occasions
3) I repeatedly voiced my concerns over his flirty language and increased attention towards me (conversations about thongs and adult friend finder for starters)
4) I was the fun girl or was I more?
5) He wanted to introduce me to his wife and child (why would you want to introduce your much younger ex whatever to your much older new wife? That's a bit odd especially if the much younger ex is much more successful and just a fun girl?)
6) Let's not forget that JSR and SP were mighty friendly chatting away into the early morning hours online (apparently talking to a random person is deemed appropriate and considered quality time with the family)
and so it goes...

I have re posted the email that started the Great Debate below:

"I'm sorry I had to drop my conversation last night but I found myself in a situation that was less than pleasant. (The conversation was: Hi How are you? Good, you. It was nice to see you (the wife was there too) Thanks you too. Bye) I am now stuck with the fact that my wife and I are not on good terms. I don't think this is your fault, but rather mine. I have tried to maintain a friendship and it is hurting my family experience.
This isn't easy, but I am going to ask that you to understand that I must follow my family as priority. This means I must make my wife feel at ease and let go of all of our contact. This is not by her request, but rather mine, as I want to make her feel at ease again. I ask for the sake of harmony that this be our last communication. I will be removing all contact info and I ask that you do the same. I know you will understand and thank you. I'm sorry this is what life is. May your family be both blessed and safe. "
Jackass Sewer Rat (my editing)

Perhaps I am Pandora's box and I should have been left in the past, but thanks so much for caring guys and helping me check off another goal on my bucket list. Would you like to inspire yet another business?
Let me back up to the week prior to this note. The week in which I was introduced to JSR and company. The night before I received the note above I had initiated contact with JSR online (as he came up on my screen as online) to politely say, "It was good to see you and meet your wonderful wife and child last week." That was all. Had I known that there was now a curfew on appropriate and inappropriate hours to speak online I suppose I would have emailed him in the morning with my pleasant and courtesy message, as we had not spoken since seeing each other in person. Which again I will point out the wife was present for. It's rather odd how prior to that meeting, it was perfectly acceptable for JSR to initiate contact with me online in the late night hours, yet for some odd reason after meeting we could no longer talk at any hour. (Had I really threatened the perfect marriage in a fifteen minute conversation?)
Another odd remark made by Mrs. JSR, she mentions how it was because I was so successful that JSR thought to contact me out of the blue. Which then had me wondering, if I were an average Joe working for the man (as Mr. and Mrs. JSR are) would he not have wanted to be my friend again? In addition, Mrs. JSR makes a point of saying that they were in bed together (with a computer and facebook) when I sent him that casual note and I obviously should have been spending the same quality time with my spouse. If quality time is defined by jointly staring a computer screen while in bed I must have missed the memo. Bedrooms are for two things and neither one of those involves facebooking in bed.
After reading Mrs. JSR's off the wall comments I reread the original email that started all this unnecessary drama and well now the letter really does speak volumes. Yet, Mrs. JSR either never saw the original email or is afraid of the truth right in front of her. For now let's assume that what JSR wrote in the note is from the heart and truthful. Let me get out the good old thesaurus and translate a few key phrases.

I must make my wife feel at ease again = MY WIFE IS JEALOUS and I'M SLEEPING ON THE COUCH NOW

I'm sorry = I'M A DOUCHE BAG

I found myself in an unpleasant situation = MY WIFE IS JEALOUS and I'M A COWARD


Okay so now that I've had my laughs, back to designing the clothing line. Thanks again guys for being so gosh darn informative and caring.

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