Saturday, December 25, 2010

Genie In a Bottle

We will never meet again. I know this now. I look back now on what we thought we were and what silly ideas and thoughts we had about the world as it was and what we wanted to become. Without warning we were over. Dreams crushed, lies exposed, questions left unanswered. After further discussion and back tracking I'm not sure when it was great. Good yes, maybe.
Were we both to afraid to see the truth? To afraid to admit we had grown apart. To afraid to talk out our problems in a productive and welcoming environment. Instead all I recall is being told over and over how I would never amount to anything. Which was then followed up by why me?
Glad to see someone is reading the older posts from many months ago. I must admit though I hate looking back at what was previously written, because at times it's embarrassing. Not to mention that I honestly don't understand half the things I have written after the fact. But, feel free to read more of the archives. I'm sorry if the present day is to boring and drama less for your enjoyment.

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