Saturday, December 4, 2010

Secret Santa Blows

The holiday season is a time when families should call a truce and put aside the sibling rivalry, the failed marriage, the money stresses and just relax and enjoy that one day together with the only people in the world who will always have your back regardless of what stupid thing you might say or do.
Unfortunately in some households certain preferences are looked down upon. In particular being gay, interracial dating, still being single, getting pregnant and not being married. I am fortunate enough not to be judged for who I am and what I believe in. I certainly have surprised the folks throughout the years and I would hope made them proud at least a few times.
Even the pint size version of me was causing drama and making my presence known. (I wasn't always well received, but I sure was memorable and pretty gosh dare adorable.)
Life isn't nearly as entertaining as it once was. Dare I say it's borderline boring. I apologize in advance if the blog posts are few and far between this month. With the holidays and insane work schedules time seems to pass way to quickly.
No one can deny that our pasts have a tremendous impact on who we become and what we believe in. Pain is a powerful feeling and at times a wake up call. While it may not seem like happiness is ever possible again, there will come a day when the road once traveled has a new exit.
The holiday festivities have been a welcome distraction from the slippery road of relationships where everyday seems like it is on the edge of a deadly crash. Forgiveness is still a hard concept to deal with. I have a habit of hoarding and then clearing house without clearly thinking. We all go thru periods where for whatever reason we aren’t one hundred
percent committed to the project at hand. It is however unfair to criticize what we don’t know or care to believe in. We must learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others.

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