Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Peace Out Love

Over the course of any relationship there will be periods that test one's strength and belief at the core of what "I love you" represents. Some people wake up one day and say they never saw the avalanche coming. Others assume everyone will betray them at some point and ninety nine percent of the time this is true.
Even with age, men rarely change. Their personality and desires remain the same. Women however will always evolve with age. As they enter each new chapter in their life cycle nearly everything about who they were and who they have become changes. So it is no surprise that as the years pass a couple that once had so much in common now has very little. There must be compromise if a relationship is going to be able to last until the end. If not there is very little that can be molded back together.
To say for better or worse without a thought and then run away and make excuses for what was or never could be is what it is. There must be love, but sometimes love just isn't enough. Sometimes you come to realize that what you have been chasing all these years never was the right fit after all.
Peace Out Love,

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