Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bargain Shopping

Forgiveness and starting new are my goals for 2011. While there are many questions that will remain left unanswered that is no longer why I write. As I've said in the past, the ghosts that until recently were still haunting me are finally dead. There is always a chance they will return seeking revenge against my sublime happiness, but I've got Rainbow Brite, Mr. Rogers and the Golden Girls and even O.J. Simpson knows better than to mess with the fun parade. :)
Men will never change. Their personality and goals in life will remain the same. However, women will always change as time passes. Men have almost always been at the heart of our emotional issues. Yet even after knowing about all their problems and malfunctions we continue to shop around and hunt for the best deal.
Some women become obsessed with the newest trends while others fall in love with the knock off merchandise. Ultimately neither one will hold our attention long enough. Promises and fantasy vacations will be postponed and once the next season approaches we will fall for another.
However, there are exceptions. The rare jewels that understand what women want and how to keep us interested. But, just like everything else in life nothing is guaranteed. Sometimes something old is better than something new.

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