Saturday, December 25, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust

As I sit here today alone, I often wonder how did I get this way? I then go back in time and think of all the people I’ve dated and how I may have affected them. I am saying this because I have still not received a call or explanation of what I may have done the last time we were together. I now realize there were so many clues that I should have seen. I am usually the one to run away, but the roles are reversed. Somehow in the short period of time you brought something out in me that I usually hold reserve to. I know you are an amazing person for someone, but just not me. I did all those things that if someone were to do to me, I would tend to push away. There are times in our lives that you just feel something was either "right" or "meant to be", but now that I look back, I had blinders on. I give tons of advice to many on the "do's and don’ts of dating", but never found myself on the other end. I know I have crushed many hopes and dreams of those in my past, and truly sorry, but when you look at where you all are now, you are in a much better place. Most of you have married, had children and living a great life with someone simple. I am a very complex person and it takes someone really special to put up with my shit. Unless I choose you, I tend to tire easily. It sucks! But when I find you, you have a commitment I will never break.
I mentioned above there were "signs". Here goes a few I noticed today as I reflect on a year full of up's and downs. Often when two think alike, there has to be an authority figures...You assumed that task as I allowed it. (I liked you and thought of anything to make you happy). The passion factor was never there. In some ways it seemed like we needed to plan things. (I am a spontaneous person with a huge sex drive). No public displays of affection. (I’m not saying all over each other, but a kiss here and there shouldn't be a big deal). Changed plans (a few times on your days off, you would rather hang with "the girls" than a new romance). No scent what so ever. (Now that I think about it, I associate people with their smells) It was almost a dream! As fast as we met, we parted...No smells left behind, no gifts, cards, nothing but memories faded. A week has passed since we last were out, no calls, no texts, and no emails. I am sorry for the one who has scarred your heart and caused you to run, but I am not him!! I am usually the one to wound others, but this time it's been another lesson learned.
The Man

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