Sunday, December 5, 2010

Change of Status

Wow...HELL YEA.AMAZING.FINALLY!! That is how I have been feeling the past few weeks. When I last wrote, I was headed out to have dinner with "possible love interest". We arrived on time (as two who think the same often do), dressed for the occasion, and greeted each other with a kiss. I have to be honest, I would usually write about all the details with whomever I meet, but she is special to me. My private thoughts were for the entire world to see, but not this time. I have been waiting a very long time for a feeling like this. I will not do anything to ruin a possible amazing future with this special woman. I am aware one day she may find out about this blog, so I am keeping details to a minimum. We both had to work the following day so we decided to keep things simple and an early hour. It just seems time passes so quickly when we are together. There is never a dull moment or forced conversation. All seems as if it were meant to be. I know, don't get your hopes up, but when it's right, it's right. I would never enter something like this half assed so I am happy to say, but I am off the market for now! She is an amazing woman and deserves total respect.
Friday: We had another date planned and this time I was cooking dinner for her. The day was crazy, my mind racing. Had I cleaned the house well enough? Did the air fresheners smell good? Were they too strong? Did the grass look cut? And so much more. I was a madman Thursday after work preparing for her to come over. Butterflies filled my stomach as the time neared closer. I think I have done everything possible, but not too extreme... Well maybe re-mulching the yard, putting up landscape lighting, and pressure cleaning the decks were not necessary, but then again, I would do anything to make this dream a reality. As she called to let me know she was on her way I began to sweat a little and that feeling of the first day to school was ahead of me. Had I done enough? I sure hoped so. It seemed like everything was falling in place...The steaks came out perfectly, the weather just right to eat out back, and the wind was not too much to blow out the candles I had lit. Just perfect!! We shared an amazing dinner, went out for drinks, and stayed up til 9am the next morning talking. As I previously wrote in the past, when I find what I'm looking for, there is a courtship that I enjoy to do. No rushed kissed, no forced touching, and for me NO SEX! When you wait this long for perfect, no time is too long to wait. We woke up late that afternoon, had brunch and she left to take care of some things. About an hour passed and I get a call "Miss you, I should have stayed" HELL YEA!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! This was exactly what I was waiting for. And a few hours later she returned. We spent an amazing weekend together and hopefully many more to come. I honestly hope everyone feels this amazing feeling one-day. It is well worth the wait!
The Man

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