Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Can't Be Serious!!

I reluctantly rejoined the online dating world last week and just as I expected it's only filled with 40 year old virgins and freaks. No wonder I'm still single. I haven't even had the desire to 'wink' at any of the men on the site, let alone respond to a message. Which brings me to the hilarious email I received the other day from a guy who I have never spoken to and after the second email I received today I definitely will never be speaking to.

Here's the first email. Mind you I have never had any correspondence with this guy.

"I like your style in the first pic u have up. The vibe I get is that you seem to be a person that seems to be pretty genuine and fun. I'm sure that's why I came across your profile, since they say like-minded people are drawn to each other!

Anyway I'm sure we could spend all day commenting back and forth about how awesome our profiles are, but I mean let's be honest -- the whole point of this site is just to get a brief glimpse of a person to see if there's a possibility of interest or not.

You might read that I do comedy or that I could make you laugh... you might have an interest in my marketing company or my philosophies on life, but realistically speaking -- I could be a chick for all you know that's just masquerading as a fun guy :)

I'm willing to show you that I'm the latter! Worst case? You might make a cool friend.

I’m Tim, I agree we should continue the conversation. When are you usually most free to chat?"

Follow up email in next blog.


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