Monday, January 9, 2012

The One That Got Away

I took a chance. I don't generally have unreal expectations. I go with the flow, I don't seem to have my heart on my sleeve. I probably won't tell you or show you how I really feel unless I believe and have seen that you really care about me and that we have a future even if we are not dating or in an exclusive relationship anymore. I guard my heart, I protect my children. But possibly I held back too much and let someone really great get away from me. I got scared that I really liked this man, and in order to protect myself I played it cool. I took it too far though. We have left a lot unsaid. He moved away as he had planned in search of something. We dated for the better part of a year. We took time away from each other and reconnected when the time was right. We never had a big "break up" I'm not up for drama and neither was he.

A man I once dated said "The one that shows the least interest has all the control in the relationship" Is that really true? Possibly. I gave up on that today though. He wins and loses all at once. I emailed him. I don't know if he will respond to it, and it doesn't matter because I said what I wanted and needed to. I will eventually move on and not make the same mistake.

I believe he is the one that got away. I am stuck thinking about him and the times we had. Obstacles are not bad... they just make you stronger, make you hold out for what you really want, and sometimes make you realize that you were headed in the wrong direction. I need something big to happen in order to get over all this. Perhaps someone about 5'10, attractive, confident, well off financially emotionally and spiritually would help!

Hot Mama (Love Bites Guest Writer #2)

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